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Time to Read – Resident Libraries Implemented at Voyage LTC Communities

As a long-term care management company of two nursing facilities, Voyage is constantly looking for ways to improve our homes for the residents, one of these smaller improvements has been a two month process we are proud to say is almost complete.

Over the next couple weeks libraries will be getting set up in both homes with a wide variety of titles and genres available for residents to take out at any time. With a mix of crime, fantasy and romance available in both large and regular sized text residents are invited to work their minds and fingers with a new novel.

Along with new books, yarn and stuffed animals adorn the libraries to add an interactive and fun element to the areas they are in. Oak Hills Care Center is receiving two libraries, one in the living room of the general area and the other will be going into the memory care unit.

For the memory care unit books have been specifically chosen to both entertain and inform, avoiding any fantasy or fiction books that could potentially cause confusion for our residents. Not to say that there won’t be fantasy and fiction available, but books that specifically focus on ‘alternative history’ (such as “what if the US had lost World War 2”) have been excluded from the memory care unit library.

Books covering art, travel, history, and more are in the homes, many with tons of pictures to accompany the information. Tutorial and crafts books and discs are also both available as an encouragement to residents to learn a new skill or build on a previous one.


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