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The Voyage Difference – Fostering a Culture of Happiness and Success

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

In an industry where turnover is a significant issue, the leadership at Voyage Long Term Care understands the importance of fostering a positive work culture and providing non-traditional work motivators to motivate and inspire employees. To withstand the increasing issue of turnover in long term care, Voyage has implemented various unique and non-traditional motivators to create a culture of happiness and success and minimize turnover in its managed communities.

Improved Work Environments

Studies have shown that several factors of the physical working environment, such as workplace design, indoor temperature, color, lighting, noise, and interior plants can have a significant effect on behavior, perceptions and productivity of employees. Something as simple as the color chosen for a space influences mood, wellness, and productivity, and affects attention and concentration. From a simple touch of fresh paint to complete transformations, Voyage goes above and beyond when it comes to improving work environments not only for the residents but the employees as well.

Within the past year, Edmond Health Care Center has implemented an 80’s themed lounge area and a freshly painted dining room with updated lighting fixtures.

The 80’s themed wall in the lounge area at Edmond Health Care Center.

Oak Hills Care Center has a small-town themed memory care unit and a well-loved musician wall in the front area for its music-loving residents. This is on top of the complete renovation (new floors, fresh paint, etc.) of the entire facility.

The musician wall in the front area of Oak Hills Care Center.


In a healthcare setting, scrubs are essential. Knowing this, Voyage established their own in-house “scrub shop”, dubbed Scrubhub, located at the corporate office to provide employees access to scrubs sets, scrub jackets and even branded t-shirts. Typically, scrub sets prices range between $40 and $60 depending on the brand and quality. To combat this, Voyage decided to keep the cost low and affordable for all of our employees, only charging a $10 fee for employees who want more than one set. Additionally, every new employee receives one coupon to redeem a free set of scrubs or a free jacket from the shop.“I love how we are able to set up new employees for success by providing them with a free set of scrubs up front,” said Voyage Office Manager Fabi Bloodworth.

VIP Rewards Program

Going above and beyond the call of duty deserves to be awarded, which is why Voyage Long Term Care has implemented a points-based rewards program called VIP Rewards.“From the beginning, this program was built to give back to our hard-working employees, who oftentimes don’t receive the credit or recognition they deserve,” said Jarrod Ferguson, Voyage’s Director of Marketing. Employees can earn points for outstanding performance, birthdays, tenure, etc. An employee's VIP points can be redeemed for most items that can be found on Amazon, various gift cards and even local attractions such as zoo tickets. "I think the VIP Rewards program is good because it shows employees that their hard work is appreciated and that it doesn’t go unnoticed! And when you see something that you like, you will push a little harder, so you can get the extra points!” exclaimed Bobbi Thomas, Activities Director at Oak Hills Care Center.

VIP of the Month Award

At the beginning of 2022, Oak Hills Care Center created an innovative award called the VIP of the Month. Seana Sutterfield, Administrator at Oak Hills Care Center outlined how this award was established and the parameters for the recipient. “The VIP of the month is an award I present to a staff member each month. This staff member has gone above and beyond and is exceptional with their job duties, but more importantly respectful and kind to the other staff and residents. This award goes hand and hand with our annual VIP awards and these employees exemplify our core values. I like doing the recognition and presentation as I feel it builds morale and shows the employees we are always watching, and we appreciate them for all they do. I also look back on the list of winners and always nominate them for a VIP award at the end of the year when we are able to do that.”

“Super” In-Service

For any employee familiar with the long-term care environment, In-Service's can often seem routine and monotonous. In order to show employees that they are supported and appreciated, Voyage Long Term Care President and CEO Brad Underwood decided to add a fun twist on to the In-Service experience. Inspired by classic game shows, Underwood and his team have integrated games like spin-the-wheel, Q&A and cup pong, all ending with the opportunity to win cash and other grand prizes. Caitlyn Spicer, Licensed Practical Nurse at North Winds Living Center, expressed her appreciation by saying, “I like the Super In-Services the best. Everyone always has a good time!”

Cruise Giveaways

Who wouldn’t want to go on a cruise for free? In 2022, Voyage created an exciting new contest that offers employees a chance to win a FREE cruise by achieving various goals within their work environments. Sabrina Terrell, Social Services Director at Edmond Health Care Center, happily explained her favorite perks that Voyage offers, by stating, “I like the perks that Brad puts back into his employees by giving us opportunities to be better, and to make the facility better, but also be able to win cruises and fun things like that!”

Company Softball Game

Teamwork and team spirit can make or break an organization. At Voyage, the team believes that if you work hard, you also need to play hard! During the summer, the corporate and nursing home teams get together for some friendly competition, participating in the annual company softball game.“The softball game is something we should do every year. It brings unity and fun among the company and it’s a way for everyone to meet each other outside of work,” said Patrick Williams, Certified Nurse's Assistant at Edmond Health Care Center.

The Annual VIP Awards Banquet

Each December, Voyage Long Term Care hosts an exclusive end of the year event acknowledging and recognizing employees from throughout the organization called the VIP Awards. Employees who go above and beyond and display outstanding character throughout the year are nominated to win an award by the organization's leaders.“This event is a chance for our employees to come together, show off their style, laugh together and just have a night where they can be loved on. The work these employees do is not easy, and the least we can do is recognize them for one night out of the year,” said Ferguson. Recognition is a powerful motivator, and this event has become something that all employees are beginning to look forward to. By recognizing them for their hard work and dedication, Voyage ensures its employees feel like true VIP’s.

Benefits that go Beyond

In addition to the non-traditional motivators, Voyage also provides essential benefits that demonstrate their care and commitment to employee well-being. Voyage provides several health insurance options, as well as dental and vision coverage starting at only one dollar each. Another benefit that is offered is PTO (paid time off) which starts accruing from day one. Veronica Herron, Housekeeping and Laundry Supervisor at Heritage Manor, highlights the impact of Voyage’s PTO, by saying, “I love the PTO! PTO is something different that we haven’t had since I’ve been here. Usually, we just have vacation time and with PTO you can use it when you need to!” Voyage also supports professional and educational growth by providing paid opportunities allowing employees to become CNAs, for example.

By prioritizing employee well-being, recognizing exceptional performance, and adding fun into the workplace, Voyage has created an environment that inspires and motivates. Voyage’s commitment to their employees goes well beyond traditional benefits, ensuring that each individual feels valued and supported. Through these efforts, Voyage Long Term Care has not only minimized turnover but also set a powerful example for the industry.


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