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The Seaside Salon – Accessible and Enjoyable Hair Care for Residents

Have you ever imagined being able to get your hair cut and styled without ever leaving your home? Or, even better, imagined yourself getting pampered at a tranquil beachside salon? For the residents of the communities managed by Voyage Long Term Care, this isn't just a daydream - it's a reality! Residents can now enjoy professional hair services at the Seaside Salon – the newest addition to Edmond Health Care Center, Oak Hills Care Center, and soon to be available at our newly managed communities, Heritage Park Nursing Center, Heritage Manor, and North Winds Living Center.

The Seaside Salon is an in-house professional hair salon where the residents can get their hair done professionally, right within the comfort of their community. It was created to make hair care more convenient and accessible, eliminating the need to take groups or individuals out for hair appointments.

Brad Underwood, founder and CEO of Voyage Long Term Care, explained that the Seaside Salon was designed with the residents in mind saying, “The Seaside Salon is something that we wanted to create specifically for our residents – a peaceful place for them to go and have their hair cut and washed and permed and curled – whatever they really desire. We wanted to take that traditional salon and really bring it inside the home so that it was a more convenient and fun environment for our residents to go to.” With the goal of creating a peaceful and fun environment, it was clear that a seaside theme was the perfect choice.

With shades of blue and white, and beach-themed décor, the Seaside Salon has become an enjoyable and relaxing environment that the residents love. Brad mentioned that he played with a few other ideas and colors but kept coming back to the calming shades of blue and white. “It just felt clean and at the same time it also felt very relaxing, so we chose to make it the Seaside Salon,” he said. From traditional haircuts to perms, the salon has a service to offer to each individual.

The Seaside Salon offers haircuts and styling, washes and blowouts, hair coloring and perms, basic manicures, scalp massages, hot towel beard trims and shaves. “We like to think that the Seaside Salon can offer our residents whatever they desire to keep them looking their best year-round,” Brad explained. From a peaceful environment to a variety of services, Brad considered the interests and desires of the residents when implementing the Seaside Salon.

The most remarkable aspect of the salon is that all of its services are free, with optional tipping. “Our residents a lot of times have limited budgets and incomes and have other things they desire to purchase, so we made the decision to keep all the services at the Seaside Salon completely free of charge for the residents. We wanted them to have the ability to go to the salon anytime they felt they needed a little refresher and not have to worry about money,” he stated. Since the salon offers a variety of services for both men and women, an experienced hairstylist was needed.

When choosing a hairstylist for the Seaside Salon, Brad knew that he

wanted someone who had a versatile background. His hairstylist, Lillian King, has worked as a hairstylist for nine years and was his first choice for the salon. “To me, Lillian really has a lot to offer our residents. She truly knows how to tailor hairstyling services to each individual,” Brad stated when asked why he ultimately chose Lillian for the position. Once he offered the opportunity for her to become the hairstylist for the Seaside Salon, she was more than happy to accept.

Lillian started working as the Seaside Salon hairstylist in February and has loved the experience from day one. “The residents love the atmosphere that the Seaside Salon provides. As soon as they enter the room, we have music playing and a really fun beach vibe to the space. I can tell they are excited about their experience, and it really brightens their mood and makes them feel good,” she explained. Lillian quickly realized how much she enjoys pampering the residents, building connections with them, and ensuring they know that she is there to help build their confidence and happiness. “It’s rewarding for me to know they leave the Seaside Salon happy and relaxed, and excited to return another day,” she said. Residents at Edmond Health Care Center and Oak Hills Care Center have quickly become regular clients of the Seaside Salon since its opening.

At Voyage Long Term Care, enhancing the quality of life for residents is our number one priority. The Seaside Salon is more than just a place to get your hair done - it's a symbol of the care and compassion that Voyage Long Term Care has for its residents. Each resident deserves to maintain his or her dignity and enjoy the simple things in life that we often take for granted. By offering a peaceful and fun environment, complete with free services, the Seaside Salon has become an enjoyable and relaxed space for residents.


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