The Importance of Our Connections with Hospice Organizations

Centric Home Health and Hospice Business Development Representatives, Clifford Reese and Taylor Hyde, run a resident down their slip and slide at the Summer Blowout Bash at Oak Hills Care Center.

When it comes to the word “hospice,” many people who are familiar with the word may have apprehensive feelings about it. What some may not realize is that many hospice representatives who donate their time to long-term care communities strive to bring positivity, fun and love to their patients and residents within long-term care communities.

What is Hospice?

According to the Hospice Foundation of America, hospice is medical care to help someone with a terminal illness live as well as possible for as long as possible, with the goal of transitioning off hospice if possible. Hospice organizations send out licensed nurses to eligible patients for in-home 24/7, daily, biweekly, or weekly care, and they also send out business development representatives to local long-term care communities to make connections with the residents and staff by lending a helping hand.

Under the management of Voyage Long Term Care, our long-term communities at Oak Hills Care Center, Edmond Health Care Center, and Skyview Nursing Center take advantage of those helping hands around Oklahoma City. Connections include various hospice organizations such as Frontier Hospice, Centric Hospice and Home Health, Emerald Hospice, Good Shepard Hospice, and Humanity Hospice.

“I grew up around long-term care, so I couldn’t imagine doing anything else,” Business Development representative at Centric Hospice and Home Health, Taylor Hyde, said. “When someone asks me about what I do for my job, I like to call it, ‘making friends.’ As a long-term care community, if you need help and if you have hospice resources around you, use them. That is absolutely what they are there for. It’s just beneficial to everyone.”

What Have Our Connections Done for Us?

"Singo" cards made by Centric Home Health and Hospice

For Business Developers like Hyde, they often bring treats, activities, and games to the residents of our long-term care communities. Hyde has introduced “Singo” to Oak Hills Care Center, a music-based Bingo game that has become an all-time favorite amongst the residents. She has also coordinated other activities such as a photobooth, and a slip n’ water slide for the residents.

Centric Hospice has also sent Business Development Representative, Brooke Ringer, to

Skyview Nursing Center, where she has brought outdoor games to the residents, and a birthday cake to celebrate the residents’ monthly birthday party.

Hunter Wilson of Emerald Hospice sings gospel music to the residents of Oak Hills Care Center

Emerald Hospice provides Marketing Representative, Hunter Wilson, to Oak Hills Care Center to sing gospel music with the residents once a month.