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iPads Allow Long Term Care Facility Residents to Access the World Amid No-Visitation Policy

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Long Term Care Resident Video Chats with Family

With a State mandated no-visitation policy in place for long term care facilities in Oklahoma, residents have found themselves with an uncommon level of isolation.

Resident's outside communication and relationships with family and loved ones have been strained during the State policy changes and have presented increased challenges for the staff and administrators as they seek opportunities to not only continue high quality physical care, but to address emotional needs and well-being.

iPad sitting on table

Through a State of Oklahoma technology grant program, Voyage Long Term Care was able to acquire a total of 9 Apple iPads for resident use at their facilities across Oklahoma.

With the recent addition of the iPads, residents have been able to embrace the technology to open up those lost lines of communication.

“The iPads purchased through the State grant have been great for our resident’s mental health and overall well-being.” says Kayla Cavner, the Administrator at Oak Hills Care Center in Jones, Oklahoma. “Our Social Services Director uses them for Telehealth video appointments for the residents to ensure they are able to stay connected to their outside providers (like therapists) and don’t have to miss appointments during this time.”

Resident using iPad to teleconference with a physician

The high price of tablets and phones had previously been a barrier for many residents as they did not have the resources available to purchase these options on their own. The partnership between Voyage LTC and the State of Oklahoma has allowed residents completely free access to the tablets and the ability to sign them out and utilize them at will.

In addition to the iPads, Voyage Long Term Care made the commitment to ensure that the technology was accessible to all residents; regardless of physical limitations. Where necessary, residents were given (at no charge to them) their own personal set of headphones to utilize with the iPads.

“During these unprecedented times, maintaining resident’s outside connections is paramount in ensuring the overall quality of their mental health.” - Kayla Cavner

Cavner goes on to say, “This technology has been exceptionally beneficial in building a communication bridge to the outside world for our residents and their loved ones during these difficult times. Without the partnership between the State of Oklahoma and Voyage LTC, this would not have been possible.”

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