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Improving the Appearance of our Long-term Care Communities – Future Plans, Updates and More

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

By: Ashley Strehl - Managing Editor of Digital and Print Publications

What’s something that reminds you of home? Is it a certain smell? The sound of laughter, music, or a TV show in the background?

At Voyage Long Term Care, we understand how important it is for our residents to feel at home. Our team has started with plans to not only improve the physical appearance of our communities, but also boost morale, and help our residents and team members feel more at home by sprucing up their space.

Interior Design and How it Can Improve the Lives of Those Within Long-term Care

When a resident leaves their home to transition into a long-term care community, it’s never easy. It can be hard to adapt to a new living environment, especially one that looks like the bleak resemblance of a hospital. Studies have shown that the physical appearance around long-term care residents with Alzheimer's and dementia can play a factor in their mood and well-being.

How We Are Contributing

In early 2021, Voyage Long Term Care Chief Marketing Officer Jarred Smith, and Marketing Design Coordinator Jarrod Ferguson saw the need for an improvement in the physical appearance of the memory care unit at Oak Hills Care Center. The memory care unit is utilized for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia and provides 24/7 specialized care, memory-enhancing activities and therapies, and a secure environment.

Left side of the memory care unit with an interactive wall with sensory activities the residents can interact with

Smith and Ferguson knew that they needed to cater their designs to those residents who need regular interaction and stimulation, so not only did they improve the overall appearance, but they also added interactive activities within the design of the unit as well.

Left side of the memory care unit featuring the history of Hollywood designed by Jarrod Ferguson

“We knew we had to think outside the box on this one,” Smith said. “We wanted it to be different from other memory care units and provide something that the residents will be able to enjoy for generations.” After 3 months of construction work, the memory unit was completely changed with its one-of-a-kind interactive walls and a mural of Hollywood history.

Before and after photos of the back right wall within the memory care unit at Oak Hills Care Center

As the Marketing Design Coordinator, Ferguson took lead in the creation of a majority of the designs within the unit. “It was challenging, but I think it was worth every ounce of effort put into it,” Ferguson said. “The residents and healthcare team in the unit seem to really enjoy it.”

Since Voyage LTC has taken management over Edmond Health Care Center, Oak Hills Care Center and Skyview Nursing Center, other enhancements made include new nurses' stations, re-painted walls, additional wall art, structural improvements, new flooring and so much more.

Wall art honoring the veterans of Skyview Nursing Center

Artistic wall additions at Skyview Nursing Center were recently rolled out as well, with a wall dedicated to the military veterans of the community.

Digital mock up example of future reconstruction plans for Edmond Health Care Center check-in station and entrance

Renovation of the check-in station and administrative office at Edmond Healthcare Center, and the dining room at Oak Hills Care Center will be the next steps for the team.

Digital mock up example of future reconstruction plans for the Oak Hills Care Center dining area

“As a corporate team, our goal is to make these communities better than we found them,” Smith said. “We support the staff and the residents and ensure that they are getting what they need and deserve. We’re excited to continue our mission in helping our residents feel at home. ”


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