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Improving Infection Control Practices Through Exclusive Technology

Continually improving care through new practices and procedures for residents at our facilities has always been a top priority for Voyage Long Term Care.

Infection Control Web Portal
Voyage LTC - Infection Control Web Portal

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the State of Oklahoma we have continued that pursuit of improved care through the use of in-depth infection control programs and initiatives.

While these new initiatives are effective, the leadership at Voyage LTC identified and recognized the need for a high-tech solution to accurately and efficiently monitor, track, and report all touch points within our facilities to ensure that our staff and residents stay as safe as possible during these trying times.

That solution came in the form of a cloud-based, proprietary application that allows real time tracking and monitoring of every procedure, cleaning task, and any other physical process that could be observed.

Nurse using tablet to access the Voyage Infection Control Web System
Voyage Infection Control Web Interface

The in-house IT and Marketing department at Voyage LTC were quickly able to build, from the ground up, an exclusive, secure web portal that utilizes a barcode scanning system to track all of our infection control initiatives.

“The barcode scanning system that our team has created ensures accuracy of all of our infection control procedures and helps our staff recognize the bigger picture in ensuring we have infection free facilities.” says Kim Fisher, Regional Director of Clinical Care at Voyage Long Term Care.

Scanning a Barcode on a Resident's Room
Scanning a Barcode on a Resident's Room
“We are doing everything we can to step up to the challenges of Covid-19 and to improve the care of our residents.” - Kim Fisher

The creation and implementation of this system shows the commitment that Voyage LTC has in the pursuit of protecting our residents and staff through the use of technology.

Viewing an Open Task Report
Viewing an Open Task Report

“We pride ourselves on the ability to think creatively and to be able to execute on exciting, forward-thinking ideas during these difficult times.” says Brad Underwood, Founder of Voyage Long Term Care.

“Our agility, dedication, and talented team are what allows us to make a difference every single day in the lives of our residents.”

To learn more about Voyage Long Term Care and the long term care facilities they manage, visit


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