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The Rewarding Truth About Working in a Nursing Home – Celebrating Nursing Home Week 2022

Updated: May 27, 2022

Employees of Oak Hills Care Center pose for a picture on "Hawaiian Day" during Nursing Home Week 2022

By: Ashley Strehl - Managing Editor of Print and Digital Publications

Sore feet, long hours, charting ADLs, Bingo, referrals, paperwork, pureed food and making the elderly smile and laugh. This is the beautiful rollercoaster that is working full-time at a nursing home.

Throughout the decades, the long-term care industry has seen its highs and lows, such as labor shortages, unattractive pay rates, lack of advancement opportunities, and more. Although many nursing homes have worked especially hard in recent years to improve the industry with competitive pay and educational opportunities, many may still say that working within a skilled nursing facility is less than ideal.

Destinee Dickson takes a picture with a resident of EHCC

What most don’t realize is that when it comes to working in long-term care, there are just some rewards that don’t come in the form of money, power or comfort. “One day, I fed this man dinner,” LPN at Edmond Healthcare Center, Destinee Dickson, recalled. “He ate everything on his plate, including the dessert, but the kitchen had left peach cobbler out as an extra snack. When I mentioned that I was going to bring him some, he was so excited. I have never seen a man so happy about peach cobbler. It’s not always about food, but sometimes the smallest acts of kindness make the biggest difference. That's what I love about being a nurse in long-term care.”

Holly Shatswell smiles for a picture with one of her favorite residents at EHCC

An experience like this is just one example of the incredible opportunities provided by working within long-term care. Older generations provide unique insight into the past that modern history books may not cover. “The residents remind me of my own grandparents,” ADON at Edmond Health Care Center, Holly Shatswell, said. “Getting to hear the stories from the women about being a housewife all their life, or from the men about being in the military is what I love the most. If you don’t take time to sit down and conversate with them, it’s hard to learn about what it was really like back then.”

When pursuing a career within long-term care, consider less what working in a nursing home can do for you, instead, consider the difference you can make within the lives of the people who live there.

Nursing Home Week 2022

Every year since 1967 Nursing Home Week has been celebrated on the second week of May. According to the National Association of Activity Professionals, Nursing Home Week shows appreciation to nursing home residents and staff and encourages everyone to celebrate the elders who make a positive difference in the lives of every American.

Team members of Oak Hills Care Center pose for a picture on "Nerd Day"

Voyage Long Term Care facilities, Edmond Health Care Center and Oak Hills Care Center celebrated Nursing Home Week with themed dress up days, parties, gifts, comradery and more. Although there is only one week a year dedicated to celebrating nursing homes, CEO and Founder of Voyage LTC, Brad Underwood, says that he believes by celebrating the nursing home team members of Voyage throughout the year, the company can increase employee retention and boost morale, thus, improving the quality of care for the residents. “You can’t expect your employees to give you 110% if you can’t give them that back,” Underwood said. “We love our people so that they will love us back.”

If you or someone you know would enjoy working in an innovative long-term care company with rewards, fair pay, education and growth opportunities, amazing team members, and wonderful residents, you can apply for positions across all departments at

Oak Hills Crew goes all out on "Dress Like Someone Famous Day"

Holly Shatswell and Jean Casey of EHCC have fun on "Crazy Hair Day"

A resident of EHCC enjoys her root beer float on 50s and 60s Day at the sock hop & root beer float party

Team members of EHCC show off their outfits on 50s and 60s Day

Necklace's gifted to the nursing team of Edmond Health Care Center in celebration of Nurses Week, which fell on 5 of the 7 days of Nursing Home Week


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