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Setting a New Clean Air Standard - Installing Pure Air Across Our Long-Term Care Communities

A Pure Air crew is installing a Pure Air Filtration System at a Voyage Long Term Care nursing home

By: Ashley Strehl - Managing Editor of Print and Digital Publications

When you live and work within a long-term care community, health is the number one priority, but it can be difficult to fight air-borne sicknesses. That is why Voyage Long Term Care has implemented Pure Air filtration systems across their communities at Oak Hills Care Center and Edmond Health Care Center.


Pure Air Control Services disperse PURE-DECON Electrostatic spray (DEP) that kills 99.9% of bacteria, mold, harmful microbes, and viruses, including COVID-19. Air purifiers with EnviroSmartTM detection technology & multistage HEPA filtration and/or PURE Plasma bi-polar ionization are installed in the building for the continuous cleaning of the air to remove allergens, microbes, odors & particles.

Pure Air Control Services also cleans all of the HVAC units with PURESteamTM using 350°F steam. Then, they are restored with antimicrobial paint as part of the HVAC New LifeTM process. It also consistently monitors the community 24/7 for particles, temperature, rH, CO2, & VOC.

Since the installation of Pure Air Services across our communities, our residents and healthcare professionals have seen a significant improvement in terms of aroma, temperature, and overall cleanliness.


Oak Hills Care Center resident, Barbara Rodgers, dances in a room filtered by Pure Air

CEO and Founder of Voyage Long Term Care, Brad Underwood, said he had a lot of options for air purification systems, but he chose Pure Air, not only because they are a company with 40+ years of experience, but because they had something the other companies did not. “We did a lot of research on what the best air purification company would be for our specific communities”, Underwood said. “Pure Air Control Services was the only company that we found that was EPA, FDA, and CDC certified.”

Underwood also said that with the implementation of Pure Air, the team noticed differences in the communities that they didn’t expect. “We discovered that the residents actually began getting better sleep in the evening,” Underwood said. “We also found that cognitive recognition has improved, as well as overall mood and morale. When the air is clean, your body truly functions at a higher level.”

When reading the literature, it may seem obvious that this would be the best choice for any long-term care community when finding a way to reduce the risk of air-borne illness. However, Underwood says that in his experience he has not seen another long-term care community spend as much time, money, and effort towards air purification as Voyage LTC.

“When you have to make the decision to put your loved one in a long-term care community, it’s not easy, but if it were me, I would be heavily looking into their quality of air-purification”, Underwood said. “That’s why we have invested so much into our air-purification systems. We wanted to be able to stand behind the fact that your loved one is going to breathe better, be healthier, be happier, and have a better quality of life within their long-term care community.”


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