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Leave the Staffing Agency. Work for Voyage Long Term Care.

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

By: Ashley Strehl - Managing Editor of Digital and Print Publications

On the surface, you may think that working for a local healthcare temp agency is the only way that you can make the most out of working as a long-term care employee.

In this week’s blog we’re going to tell you how you can succeed in your long-term care career with more money, less stress, a better schedule, and more benefits by working for Voyage Long Term Care.

The Problem:

Within the past year, long-term care communities across the nation have faced many challenges when it comes to hiring more team members.

This dilemma has forced those communities into limiting their number of residents, asking their current team to work overtime, and resorting to paying for help from a healthcare staffing agency.

In a study done by the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living across a sample of 1,183 long-term care providers, 99 percent of those skilled nursing communities and 96 percent of assisted living communities said they are facing some degree of staffing shortages. Sixty-nine percent of those long-term care communities said that they have turned to hiring temporary agency staff.

Fact: Temp agencies often charge communities 2-3x the normal rate for the hiring of a contract worker. However, the contractor doesn’t see the full amount on their paychecks, as the temp agency takes a cut of the payment for themselves.

In a study done by Voyage Long Term Care, it was found that our own CNAs, CMAs, LPNs and other healthcare team members said that they found that working under Voyage was a better choice than staying with an agency. Our sources also said that when they were working with agency, they were asked to travel numerous miles across the state for their shifts, with little to no idea where they would be going next.

Oak Hills Care Center team members smile with a Micheal Jackson impersonator who performed at Oak Hills at the end of August 2021.

With that alone, they found that they would rather travel to one community instead of many, as it saves money on gas mileage, and wear and tear on their vehicles. These sources also added that they liked that they could make their own schedule while working under agency, but there were little to no added benefits such as Medicare, overtime pay, holiday pay, and PTO.

While working under agency, most employees must source their own health insurance, which can often lead up to paying 2x higher than if they were working under Voyage LTC, which pays half of their insurance premiums. Also, employees working under agency have found themselves paying 50 percent more on their social security and Medicare taxes as well.

What we Have to Offer:

CEO Brad Underwood smiles with Mary Ayers on her 26th work anniversary at Oak Hills Care Center.

CEO and Founder of Voyage Long Term Care, Brad Underwood, says that he believes that when an organization takes care of their employees, they will take care of them back. “Our healthcare team is the lifeblood that brings health and healing to our residents," Underwood said. "

Voyage Long Term Care offers more than healthcare, overtime pay, holiday pay and PTO. They have also developed a point-based reward system called “VIP Rewards”.

With VIP, administrative staff can reward their team with points that can be redeemed for purchasing on Amazon, trips, and gift cards. Every 10 points is $1. Rewards are not given just for anything, our administrative staff is often looking for team members who are going above and beyond in their line of work. Our employees are a gift to us, and we strive to return the favor in any way we can.

Team members of Skyview Nursing Center have a blast together at their 80s bash in September.

When working with Voyage LTC, you can expect a consistent schedule, more benefits, rewards, and a second family.

If you’re interested in working for Voyage Long Term Care, we currently have positions available in nursing, housekeeping, dietary and more across our communities at Oak Hills Care Center, Skyview Nursing Center, and Edmond Health Care Center. You can apply to our job postings on our Facebook pages, or on Indeed.


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