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Extreme Makeover: LTC Edition

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” -Winston Churchill

When Voyage LTC took over management of Oak Hills Care Center and Edmond Health Care Center, owner and Chief Executive Officer, Brad Underwood knew that he wanted to remodel both communities to give the residents the best home possible. Over the past couple years, hundreds of hours have been dedicated to improving the inside and outside of both long-term care communities.

From a brand-new nurse’s station at Edmond Health Care Center to completely redone walls of the memory care unit at Oak Hills, many of our projects have to do with creating a “home feel” to our communities. Much like any home however, there are more small renovations going on than our residents and staff could imagine and even some major projects that are in the works.

Oak Hills Care Center recently received all new floors, trading the old yellowing laminate for, in our opinion, gorgeous wood flooring. As part of this major renovation project, we were also able to level out parts of the Oak Hills floors that had begun to warp in certain places from years of use.

“It’s just easier, my wheelchair glides on this floor where it used to get stuck or roll” Resident William Stahlheber said. “It also looks better, the old flooring kind of made me feel like I was in a hospital.”

In addition to new flooring, a new roof has been installed, making sure that we are prepared for anything Oklahoma weather could throw at us going forward. Upgrades to the wiring of TV’s both in resident rooms and in common areas help to ensure that residents are able to watch their favorite movies and shows without interruption due to outdating wiring in the building.

Another major project that Oak Hills has almost completed, is a brand-new smoking area. Residents used to have to crowd around a small, shaded area or stand in the grass. Now with a brand-new concrete extension, new seating options and soon a new sun net, they’re able to have a comfortable and safe area for their smoke breaks.

While most renovations are for the well-being of the building or residents, the Oak Hills EMT entrance has also received a small facelift. Adding pictures of management staff to ease part of the first responder’s process. Alongside those staff pictures are Thank you cards Oak Hills has received from members of the Jones school district 4-H and FFA program.

Edmond Health Care Center has been undergoing some renovation as well, receiving a newly updated entryway, new roofing and soon to come, new floors like those at Oak Hills.

“A new coat of paint can go a long way,” Edmond Health Care Center Maintenance employee Nicholas Wilson said. “And this purple stands out, really makes an impact when you come in, I can’t wait to finish it across the building.”

Wilson has been busy the last couple of months painting and helping to renew the entrance area and lobby. Much like the EMT entrance at Oak Hills, Edmond’s main entrance is now adorned with photos of management staff, including DON, ADON, Dietary, Housekeeping, Therapy and more. New Art TV, which is a collection of art – all in one frame, has also been installed at the Edmond entrance. With a variety of artworks, the TV helps brighten the area. Old furniture has now been replaced with new, lighter, brighter and comfier chairs for visitors. The lobby has been given a huge facelift with a brand-new stone façade nurses station and a fresh coat of signature Edmond Health Care purple accenting the walls.

New Director of Nursing Jennifer Gilmore got swept up in the renovations as well, receiving a remodeled office. After joining the Edmond Health Care team 3 months ago, Jennifer has made strides to keep up with the hectic demands of her new position in a new home, and as a thank you, Voyage LTC was proud to help renovate and redecorate her new office.

With so many more renovations, upgrades, and changes coming to both homes in the near future, the resident’s and even the staff of both communities look forward to what is in the works as some of the upgrades will be a surprise to all!


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