Current Covid-19 Updates and Information

We are currently operating under the State of Oklahoma's guidelines for a 3 Phase plan to re-open our facility. We are diligently working on implementing all of the requirements put forth by the State of Oklahoma Health Department in order to safely open our doors to visitors. At Oak Hills Care Center and Skyview, we deeply understand the want and need to visit your loved ones. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards returning to our normal visiting practices safely, and within State Health Department guidelines.

Please visit this website to monitor the status of our re-opening phase and visiting policies.

(Updated 07/24/2020)

Current Visitation Policies 

Window visits, where there is complete glass (or comparable medium) separation between the resident and visitor, and the visitor does not enter the building or interact with staff, fall outside of the scope of the guidance for visitation. These visits are not prohibited. 

The State of Oklahoma is still in the first phases of the re-opening plan for Long Term Care and Nursing Home facilities. As soon as the multi-phase plan has been signed and finalized by State leaders, we will begin working through the 3 Phase process as safely and quickly as we can to allow you to visit your loved ones.

Currently we are still under strict no visitation rules and policies.

Please continue to refer to this site for the most up to date information regarding visitation policies.